Advice With Nneka S01 E03 part 1

Today’s segment explores the topic the DO’s and Don’ts on a date and also what traits people would love to see in the opposite sex. We talk about the why one is in a relationship and also the little things that matter in the midst of a relationships and what they look like when they’re tested. Is there such a thing as being too friendly?

Watch and see with our 3 special guests Nnenna, Troy, and Ann Marie. Remember to Subscribe, Share, Comment, and Like and also follow us on IG @eko_atlanta

Host: Nneka Okoro Ethnicity: Nigerian American Ig: Whoisnneka Twitter: _KissAndBlush

Guest: Ann Marie Nwokoro Ethnicity: Nigerian IG: annmarienneka

Name: Nnenna Okoro Ethnicity: Nigerian IG: _fallinlust Twitter: _fallinlust

Name: Emmanuel Olasheinde Ethnicity: Nigerian IG: @troyboss__

Platform: Eko Atlanta IG: eko_atlanta Camera: IG @shotbyaji

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